Divest from Wall Street and Build a New Economy


Millions of people around the world watched the events unfolding at Standing Rock, and hundreds of thousands got being the divestment movement tangibly, donating money and materials and many even travelling to Standing Rock to face rubber bullets and security dogs in deep solidarity with both the earth and indigenous people. Divestment is suddenly a word on many people’s tongues.

We, too, stand in solidarity with fossil fuel divestment. We know that our lives depend on it.

We also recognize that there is a deeply entrenched economic system that makes divestment challenging, and at the heart of that system are big banks that are profiting from that entrenchment. Our deposits, and the deposits of our businesses and governments, are the fodder that feeds the beast.

Essentially, our money is being used against us: funding projects that don't align with our values, contributing to climate change, and leading to an artificial scarcity of funds for projects the community supports. Divestment is an act of reclaiming our power and standing up to the economic bullies.
But, as states and municipalities choose to divest from Wall Street banks, the immediate question is where to put that money?

...and Build

A public bank is a simple and proven concept: a bank owned by a local or state government, where the profits from that bank are put back into the community, rather than siphoned off to Wall Street. The Bank of North Dakota is America’s only public bank currently, and it’s been very good for the state of North Dakota.

It is also a fairly conservative institution. A public bank has a charter that determines its lending priorities and what it is in service to. We believe that Public Banks can be a tool for economic, racial and ecological justice. We believe Public Banks are an essential building block, not only for resistance to injustice and for getting out of the abusive relationship we are currently in with Wall Street, but for building the world we want that directly serves the needs of the 99%, not the 1%.

The Divest & Build Coalition

The Divest Build Coalition is a group of activists who believe that there can a symbiotic relationship between:

1) divestment from fossil fuels and big banks,
2) addressing a host of social issues and
3) creating public finance that stops feeding Wall Street and sucking the life out of local communities.

We are currently organizing the state of California and intend to ultimately transform the progressive activist landscape of the state by closing the loop on our tangible resources that can be used for good. Beyond good intentions and good work, our progressive movements also need funding, and we are advocating for a bank that will have our backs in making a world based on justice.

Will you join us?

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Benefits of a Public Bank

Public banks save taxpayers money while providing a democratic way to fund a community's values. See here for more information. More information here.